Vegan Asian Grocery Haul: Ranch 99 Market

I discovered Ranch 99 Market right between my work and home.  It’s a huge Asian grocery store with so many goodies.  I could barely contain myself! Preserved turnip:  I wanted to try something that wasn’t a meat replacement for my … Continue reading Vegan Asian Grocery Haul: Ranch 99 Market

Cabbage Rolls: Romanian Twist

I decided to try making cabbage rolls.  Doing a low carb dish that’s not boring as fuck is really hard.  I thought I’d do a throwback to my trip to Romania.  First I cook one cup of lentils with a tablespoon of buillion. Usually people use beef so I’m sort use lentils as a very sad ass replacement.  Then I boil the cabbage leaves. First I take the big ones off and boil each until the color gets lighter. I try to cut out as much of the core and stem.  Then the core I boil until the leaves gently … Continue reading Cabbage Rolls: Romanian Twist