Chopped Challenge: Dr. Pepper’s Rad Stir Fry

If you don’t know what Chopped is, it is a cooking show where contestant have to cook a three course meal.  Each meal must use three secret ingredients. 

I love Chopped so I decided to make my own challenges to make this shit interesting.  Vegan food can be creative, fun, and diverse. And while Chopped fucking hates vegan chefs competing, I’m going to show everyone you don’t have to be a basic bitch with your vegan proteins. 

So I started with pull items from Vallarta’s (a Mexican supermarket) sales page into a random generator and I got: Dr. Pepper, mango and radishes. Now I needed to make something for dinner.  This is meant to last me the whole week. I decided to make a stir fry. I figure Asian spices would work well to balance the sweetness in an entree.


It wasn’t supposed to be a soup really.  I boiled the vegetables with a “chicken” buillion from Sprouts to avoid using oil. I used too much water and just leaned into the soup.  If I did this again I would drain the water before spicing.

Once the water boiled, I added bok choy, mango, and sliced radishes with all the spices. Boy choy is a great leafy vegetable that complements the tang of radishes and can provide freshness to the sweet mango.  It took about 10 minutes to cook the vegetables. Then I added spinach towards the end. I turned off the burner once the spinach properly wilted. I also didn’t really need the spinach but I want to bulk up my greens anyway. 

While the vegetables cooked, I patted down my tofu, sliced it up and used oil put it in a separate pan.  I added Dr. Pepper, soy sauce, garlic, and Chef Paul’s salt free seasoning. The Dr. Pepper should balance the salt from the soy sauce. It took 15 minutes to cook the tofu.


I made the soup salty with the soy sauce to balance the sugar.  My used cayenne pepper, mustard powder, garlic, basil, and cumin.  If I want more spice I can add sriracha. 

This came out well.  The tofu was my favorite part but honestly the mango wasn’t great.  Also, I would be cooked the mango with the tofu and perhaps served it separate from the bok choy.  If I was going to do this again I would have used curry because fruit with curry comes out great. Next time!


Comment below what you would cook Dr. Pepper with!

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